THE Ardrossan Coastguard Rescue Team have issued a warning to residents over jumping into the sea from a height.

When the temperatures rise the sea can look like an inviting way to cool down and the coastguard are often called out to reports of people of all ages jumping into the sea from height, usually at harbours around Ayrshire.

However, the team are warning this activity is extremely dangerous.

The coastguard said: “There is a wide range of risks associated with jumping into any water from height.

“There could be any number of hidden objects underneath the surface which you can’t see which could easily lead to injury or entrapment under the water.

“There’s also the significant risk of cold-water shock which makes you gasp uncontrollably and breathe in water which can quickly lead to drowning.

“In addition, the depth of the water is unknown, and this applies both at inland bodies of water and at the coast.”