ARDROSSAN Coastguard and Rescue Team have issued a vital plea to locals after the recent flurry of sunny weather.

They are urging beach-goers to remain safe this Summer no matter where they are, as over 700 people drown every year in the UK and Ireland, with half of the victims having no intention of entering the water.

The coastguard team said: “Three simple words this summer can save your life – float to live.

“Tragically more than half of UK drownings happen less than three meters from a safe refuge and two thirds of those who die were regarded as good swimmers.

“The water around the UK and Ireland is classed as cold water for the majority of the year and the average temperature is between 12 to 15C.

“Cold water shock is a killer at the coast. When you first fall into cold water you will gasp involuntarily which poses a significant risk of ingesting water if your face or head is underwater.

“If you find yourself unexpectedly in cold water, remember these three words.

“Avoid thrashing around or trying to swim as this will quickly use up your energy and leave you fighting to survive.

“The initial effects of cold-water shock will pass in a few minutes and if you follow this extremely simple but effective method of just floating, you will greatly increase your chance of surviving a fall into cold water.”