A CORNER of Kilbirnie has erupted into colour after getting its own version of the Mona Lisa.

A mural, replicated from an oil painting by self-taught artist, 49-year-old Tom Donnelly, will be unveiled in Craighouse Square this weekend.

The mural has been commissioned by Adam McLean, owner of The Studio and Gallery, who was stunned by Tom’s modern version of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous masterpiece. Adam was amazed at Tom’s creative ability, despite the former having had no previous artistic training.

Tom, who is originally from Paisley but now lives in Kilbirnie, told the Herald: “I’ve always been interested in the 16th and 17th century artists and I’ve always seen the Mona Lisa in a different spectrum of colours, so I just went for it. It’ll hopefully tidy up a dark corner. A bit of colour doesn’t do any harm.”

Adam added: “He had no formal training, he’s just taught himself how to paint and he is absolutely brilliant. He likes the old masters, Leonardo Da Vinci, Caravaggio. He takes these images and gives them a modern spin. His style is pop-surrealism.

“He created a painting that’s a modern version of the Mona Lisa. It’s just so detailed, it’s incredible. He’s not part of the art world so he never got any positive criticism [previously]. He’s a very modest man.

“It’ll brighten up Kilbirnie. I’m putting a little bench with planters and flowers around it, so people can sit and get their picture taken with it. We’re going to have a little opening ceremony.

“I hope people will call it ‘the Kilbirnie Mona Lisa’. I hope it brings people to Kilbirnie.”

The mural will be unveiled in a ceremony at 2pm this Saturday, August 3.