PLANS to pedestrianise Dockhead Street are moving forward fast and cars may be banned completely during the day as soon as September.

Saltcoats Community Council agreed to proposals put forward at their most recent meeting and now it will be down to North Ayrshire Council to apply for a temporary order, a process that takes around six weeks.

This will mean that the street will be completely vehicle free from 9.30am and 4.30pm with the current system remaining in place outwith these times.

SNP Councillor for Saltcoats, Jean McClung, has been working on this issue for a number of months and spoke to the Herald about the plans.

She said: "My personal view is that having a completely pedestrianised shopping area is more likely to encourage visitors to the town, as at the moment the safety of pedestrians is being compromised by the volume of traffic on the street.

"The car park behind the bank will have an additional 15 disabled bays, making 18 in total, with the possibility of even more if this proves necessary.

"I am personally delighted for my constituents, the vast majority of whom made it clear that this is what they wanted. Children, and the elderly ,who are perhaps not as able as some to jump quickly out of the path of vehicles, will have their safety enhanced. A blind couple who have contacted me on numerous occasions with concerns about their safety, and others with visual or hearing impairment will, I am sure, be relieved to find that at last action on this is being taken."

This temporary order will remain in place until the permanent one comes in to action after around 18 months and this means that changes can be made if needed.

Cllr McClung added: "I suppose that since there will in effect be a "trial period" the system can be monitored and changes made to the proposals if this is deemed necessary."