Police in North Ayrshire are encouraging residents to remain vigilant for potential doorstep criminals operating in the area.

From bogus callers to rogue traders, doorstep criminals are cunning, creative, and often very convincing.

Anyone can be fooled but the over 60s are often targeted.

A spokesperson for the police said: “We have seen a recent increase in doorstep crime related activity and are continuing enquiries into those incidents.

“We are appealing to residents to remain vigilant for potential doorstep criminals, to report any suspicious activity immediately and to ensure the more vulnerable in our communities are aware of the safety advice and that we are looking out for them.

“It’s never easy to spot a doorstep criminal. Anyone can be a victim of household scams, but two words that will help us beat doorstep crime are simply ‘no thanks’.

“Don’t deal with uninvited callers and always – if in doubt keep them out.”