A DRUG addict who forced his way into the car of a disabled pensioner and threatened her for money has been jailed for more than two years.

John Alcroft pounced on the 75-year-old woman while she sat in her car in a disabled bay in Ardrossan’s Asda car park on April 21 this year.

The 32-year-old yob opened the elderly lady’s car door and threatened her before demanding money during the terrifying incident.

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court was told that Alcroft had previously himself been the victim to a serious kidnapping and assault in 2012.

The then 25-year-old was abducted by Mark Douglas, then 34, and Peter Welsh, then 48, who held him captive for two days whilst they “blow torched” his face with a lit deodorant spray, threw chemicals at him and put soap powder in a stab wound.

The pair also gave Alcroft electric shocks from a battery attached to crocodile clips, leaving him with horrific injuries including burns, stab wounds and facial fractures - all because Alcroft allegedly owed the pair money.

Representing Alcroft, Colin McLaughlin told the court his client had been dependent on drugs for many years and had been disowned by his family after the attack on the pensioner.

He told the court: “His long-suffering mother and sister have always tried to assist him but I think it’s fair to say that this is a bridge too far. They have made it clear to him that they are not prepared to support him in this particular crime. As a result he’s had no contact with those two members of his family.

“He is apologetic to his victim and to the court. He himself was the victim of a significant matter which was dealt with at the High Court. He’s got a significant record and has had drug issues for a number of years and these have had an impact on his judgement.”

But Sheriff Alistair Watson blasted Alcroft for his “calculated” attack and jailed him for 27 months.

He said: “You selected your victim, who was elderly and disabled and in fact was using a disabled parking bay at the time. This was calculated conduct which is likely to have a significantly harmful effect on your victim.

“You are a persistent offender with a history of violence and frankly the Social Work Report is understandably quite depressing.

“Those who choose to prey on the elderly and inform and expect that they will be dealt with properly by this court.”