Beith Community Garden has been rated as ‘outstanding’ by Keep Scotland Beautiful.

The garden, which is maintained by Beith Orr Park Neighbour Watch, was visited by Keep Scotland Beautiful assessor, John MacLennan.

John said in the report: “Beith oozes its community presence where a derelict gap site four years ago has been transformed into a courtyard of colour, one of the many achievements of this group.

“It has also been the guiding light is establishing the annual wood carving event, ‘Garnock Valley Carves’, which attracts visitors from all corners of Great Britain to Beith.”

John commended the community participation in the garden and the adherence to environmental principles.

The report concluded: “What this group has achieved in four years in the development of the community garden is immense, and it is clear that Norrie and Rose Brown have driven many of the activities.

“The success in 2018 of ‘Garnock Valley Carves’, and with more than 40 stalls plus 20 carvers arranged for 2019, must be commended. From this there has also been two new examples of carving within Beith for the community – a memorial bench to two young people from Beith who died from chronic illnesses and a bench to celebrate the role over numerous years of the EU/URC church in Beith. It is hoped that this momentum continues for many years to come.”

Norrie and Rose Brown, of Beith Orr Park Neighbour Watch, wished to thank everyone who has helped with the garden project.

They both said: “Without your support, we could never have hoped to achieve what we have for the town.”