Businesses at Ardrossan Harbour are set to lose their electricity after their supplier, Peel Ports, announced it would pull the plug due to development work at the site.

Bute Service Station and Arran Deliveries are among the firms given just six months to arrange for a new – potentially costly – energy supplier.

The change will not affect CalMac.

Further concerns have been raised after it was revealed that Clyde Marina and other publicly owned organisations were made aware of the change over 18 months ago. But Peel Ports has disputed this.

Ian Tolland, owner of Bute Services, told the Herald: “When I built this garage, Peel Ports agreed to supply electricity. Now nine-10 years down the line they’re deciding it’s not in their budget to supply us anymore.

“The fact that someone can come along and take away your power supply at the drop of a hat is terrible.”

CEO of Arran Deliveries, Tony Morrow, added: “Having such a short time to arrange a new power supplier will prove to incredibly difficult for all businesses currently operating on the harbour.

“Given that this situation has been known for some time, it’s surprising that we only received notice recently.

“I hope the Scottish Government listens to the concerns that we, local businesses, are raising and take some measures to address this.”

Kenneth Gibson, MSP for Cunninghame North, said: “This situation is unacceptable, and I expect it to be resolved on behalf of all businesses affected.”

Jamie Greene, West Scotland MSP, added: “The cost of laying down new cables and getting the infrastructure is a huge burden for local businesses and may not be possible for some. Given the short timeframe, this would also place a strain on Scottish Power to finish the work in time.”

A spokesperson at Peel Ports claimed that all owners of affected sites were informed in March 2018, with further reminders in May and August this year.

The spokesperson added: “This work is to replace the main incoming cable and is essential in safeguarding a long-term sustainable supply.”