A kind-hearted Ardrossan schoolgirl has raised over £400 over the last two years helping local causes.

Ella-May Campbell has taken it upon herself to help local charities, most recently raising £257 for the Ardrossan Summer camp she loved.

Ella-May attended the Church of the Nazarene’s Making a Meal of It camp over the holidays and wanted to thank the volunteers who gave up their time in running the group.

The eight-year-old organised a raffle, which saw her ask companies for prize donations.

Ella-May also raised £200 for North Ayrshire Foodbank last year by taking part in a sponsored walk.

The Winton Primary pupil decided to help the foodbank after seeing posters from the charity desperately appealing for donations.

Mum Cheryl said: “This year she went to the Nazarene Church Summer Camp. She wanted to raise money for them because she thought – they [the volunteers] were there to watch them [the kids] over the Summer holiday so they won’t have had a Summer holiday themselves.

“They did arts and crafts, give them lunch, took them on trips. She thought that they done all that for free and wondered how can they afford it. She wanted to give something back to them.

“She’s never had a lot of confidence – she was always quiet and shy – but she’s been going round the shops this year asking for donations herself. She’s gained a lot of confidence this year. Now she’s outgoing and open. Anything she sees she want to help.”