We had a visitor to Saltcoats last Friday all the way from sunny Spain to promote his brand new book.

Like his first book The Bunnet, local businesses and libraries will be stocking Scott Alcroft’s latest offering The Factory Girls.

Scott explained: “It was all very last minute the visit. I’d been asked some time ago to present a football podcast in Stirling on the Saturday so I contacted my cousin Donna McGregor and suggested we do a wee photo shoot with the book and the businesses/libraries in the Three Towns that’ll be stocking it and off we went.

“Coopers next door to the Victoria Bar at Saltcoats Station will be stocking it so we popped in to see Billy and Sheena. I also popped in next door to see long time family friend Raymond Montgomerie and coaxed him into a wee pic as well.

“We then went to Stevenston Library to see the lovely Jacquie and she told us that not only would Stevenston be selling the book but Saltcoats and Ardrossan libraries too. We then went to Starks to see Gillian in there and I’ll be as proud as Punch once again to see my book in their window display.

“Lynne’s Cafe in Glasgow Street in Ardrossan will be stocking the book too but unfortunately we couldn’t catch up with Lynne this time.

“It was a whirlwind visit but it was amazing to get home. It was pretty mental later on in the day as well as I shared a few refreshments with my parents in the local drinking establishments. Everybody was congratulating me on the books and it was all very surreal that so many people had read them.

“Again, I’d just like to thank the people from the Three Towns because their support has been amazing to me and I’m already looking forward to my next visit.

“I’ve donated a few copies of my first book The Bunnet to the local libraries so that people can go in and rent them. They are available in the three main libraries in the Three Towns.”

The Factory Girls hard copies are now in the businesses and libraries mentioned above. Priced at £10.