A recently restored Stevenston historical site related to the Napoleonic Wars has been officially opened to the public.

The site of the former Nelson Mount Cannon Battery is now accessible for visitors.

The development work follows campaigns by local councillors Jimmy Miller and Jim Montgomerie to have the site honoured.

During the Napoleonic era, the site had four canons as a defence from Napoleon’s army attacking the coal mines of Stevenston and Saltcoats.

An opening ceremony of the new visitor attraction took place on Friday, August 23 and was attended by Provost Ian Clarkson, elected members, Ardrossan Sea Cadets and Bobby McGuire, secretary of local group, the International, Historical, Cultural and Geographical Agency.

Bobby said: “The organised meeting by Stevenston/Saltcoats Ward Councillor Miller for the restoration ceremony of the historical site of the Nelson Canon Battery was a huge success.

“In attendance was the provost with the NAC chief executive and a representative from the IHCG Agency, who initially instigated the project in honour of the late janitor of Auchenharvie Academy, and other supportive dignitaries. The historical site is worth a visit.

“Special mention for the smart sea cadet contingent based at Ardrossan under the command of Officer John MacDonald who will be now in charge of monitoring this historical site.”