Members of a Kilwinning knitting group have been busy creating Harry Potter scarves for sick kids.

Knit and Natter, which meets weekly in the Mansefield Trinity Church, spent their Summer recess making Hogwarts house scarves for kids at Glasgow Children’s Hospital.

Knitting the scarves is the latest in a series of goodwill projects from the group. The members have knitted tiny hats for premature and stillborn babies at Ayrshire Maternity and created woollen ‘ghillie doo’ dolls for local foster children.

Knit and Natter also knit seasonal decorations in the church, such as poppy-themed displays for Remembrance Sunday or Easter decorations.

One of the members, Margaret Brown, told the Times: “We started doing a poppy display in the church to go up in November. We’re going to be starting poppies again soon. We did an Easter display, which had us sitting knitting daffodils.

“We’ve done premature baby hats for the Ayrshire Maternity. We also did really tiny wee hats for people who have lost a baby. It seems to help the parents.

“We’ve done ghillie doos for the North Ayrshire Foster Care for the welcome bag. It’s like a wee fairy-type doll.

“We knitted for the Glasgow Taxi Association for their outing to Troon. The road they came in, there were lots of traffic bollards, so we knitted hats for the bollards to make it bright and cheery.

“Over the Summer some of us have been knitting Harry Potter scarves in the colours for the different houses.”

Knit and Natter meets on Tuesdays from 1-3pm. in the Mansefield Trinity Church.