Teams rowing the skiffs on the rivers, lochs, and coastlines of the area will be able to experience the landscape from a new perspective, harking back to days when the river was the central focus of industry.

They will also be provided with unique views of local wildlife, including otters and kingfishers.

A launch event at the Scottish Maritime Museum last month saw visitors taking one of the boats, “Garnock”, into the water at Irvine Bay. It’s sister-skiff is named “Avocet”.

Simon McGrory, Project Officer for Garnock Connections, said: “We’re delighted to have been able to help support the tradition of boat building in the Irvine area. I’m really looking forward to getting the boats out on the water and letting local people reconnect with their maritime heritage.”

If you would like to try coastal rowing or get involved with any of the projects, please contact 07595655174 or email