Prizes were presented last week for the annual Kilwinning Garden Awards.

The garden awards, organised by Kilwinning Community Council, were presented last Thursday in partnership with Kilwinning Horticultural Society at the annual Kilwinning Flower Show.

After receiving over 68 nominations, the winners were;

For the Best Front Garden Mr Ian Boyd took home the Rose Bowl.

For the Best Vegetable Garden Mr Willie Allan took home the Fullarton Shield.

For the Best Back Garden Mr and Mrs McVay took home the Bobby Miller Trophy.

And for Best Community Garden The Dirrans Centre took home The Joe and Dorothy Lynam Award.

Adding a special feeling to the evening, the community council asked Community stalwart and former long time community Councillor Dorothy Lynam to present the awards including one dedicated to her and her late Husband.

The garden awards will be back next year and the community council in partnership with the Horticultural Society and are encouraging everyone to keep an eye out for the forms in early 2020.