A KIND West Kilbride decorator brightened up a care home after he donated a stunning wall mural.

David Skilling, visited Heathfield Care Home last week to place the feature on the walls of the dementia unit.

The mural shows a calming scene of a colourful bed of flowers leading along a boulevard of trees and residents are said to be delighted with the addition.

The kind donation came after care worker Jane Harkness entered David’s competition to win the mural.

David said: “I ran a wee competition and Jane commented on the page to say she wanted to donate it if she won it and we thought care homes are close to everyone’s hearts so we thought let’s just donate it to the care home. Although she didn’t win I told her we would donate it anyway.”

“It was great to give something back, all the residents were sitting there watching me put it up.

Sandra Denham manager of the care home said: “It was really generous of them, it looks fabulous.”