Over 80 girls from all over Ayrshire celebrated the 3rd Ardrossan Rainbows’ 20th anniversary.

Girls from seven different Rainbow and Brownie units attended the birthday celebration at Ardrossan Park Church on September 28.

There was a range of crafts and games, including soft archery provided by Irvine Toxophilites.

Ardrossan Rainbows’ leader, Kerry Elliot, said: “The event allowed girls to meet other girls from other units and make new friends and a good time was had by all.

“I am so proud of how well it went. The unit leaders, helpers and young leaders really supported me well throughout the day. I had so much good feedback from everyone.

“The girls all got their 3rd Ardrossan Celebration badge and the girls from 3rd Ardrossan Rainbows also got their ‘I’ve made new friends’ badge.

“I want to say a very well deserved thank you and well done to our Rainbow Amelia Mitchell who was praised on the day by many leaders for her kind actions.

“Amelia took time away from her crafts and fun with her friends to look after a leader’s elderly mother who struggles with mobility. Amelia offered help to the lady and the lady was ever so thankful for the help Amelia provided. She has only been with us a few weeks but she has made an everlasting impression already.”