A WEDDING party feared they would be put out on the streets of Turkey after their hotel locked them out when Thomas Cook went bust.

Newlyweds Lauren and Robert Lee from Ardrossan had been out enjoying their first days as a married couple when they received ‘frantic messages’ from their family telling them to return to the hotel immediately.

Now Lauren, 28, has revealed the ‘blind panic’ they felt when their hotel demanded cash up front or an ATOL certificate and threatened to chuck them out.

Lauren said: “It was madness to wake up in the morning then just be locked out your bedroom not knowing what was going to happen.

“My dress and tiara and everything was in my room and we couldn’t get in.

“We tried explaining they had to let us in the room so we could check our paperwork.

“They would not let you back in the room till you showed the certificate so we hunted through our emails but my sister and dad couldn’t find theirs.

“The hotel said to my dad if you don’t find it you need to go somewhere else.

“But there had been email sent out that under no circumstances should non British citizen be out out their hotel.

“It was horrible just the blind panic of being put out of the hotel because we still had a good few days of the holiday left.

“We don’t have the money to just book somewhere else so were worried we might be stranded at that point and not being sure how we would get home.

“It near enough ruined the end of the trip for us because right up to the point of leaving we were just wondering is everything going to be okay?

The couple had been one of the very last people to receive a marriage certificate from Thomas Cook congratulating them.

Now they have been left gutted they can’t thank the Saltcoats branch who helped them plan their dream wedding.

Lauren added: “We were also one of the last people to get a certificate from Thomas Cook to say congratulations on the wedding so it broke our hearts not being able to go back to the Saltcoats branch and thank them for helping us plan it.

“They had been excited to see our pictures and videos and now we probably will never see them again.”

Lauren’s mum Liz Scobie, 53, said: “They had locked everyone out their rooms and they wanted everyone at the desk to say we want the certificates.

“We spent hours at reception and there was elderly couples who aren’t online that couldn’t access their ATOL certificate.

“It ruined the last couple of days because we had to spend all that time in reception.

“My mum was there and in her 70s so we had to try and find hers as well by phoning her nephew at home.

“My daughter was one of the last people to get a certificate from Thomas Cook saying congratulations on getting married, it’s so sad that we can’t go back to the Saltcoats branch and thank them for helping us organise it.

“The whole thing is just awful.”