Knee-deep floods plagued Dalry last week after heavy rain caused drains to block.

Drivers faced hold-ups when roads were closed on Tuesday, September 24 amid reports of severe flooding at the A736, Blair Road, West Kilbride Road, Roche Way and others.

Videos also appeared on Facebook showing cars almost half-submerged in deep water.

Marilyn Kelly, a grandmother in Wingfaulds Avenue, said she was “furious” with constant flooding in her street.

She said: “It runs down this road like a river. This is something that’s happening every year. This time though, it’s never been as bad as that.

“Last Tuesday I couldn’t even get in my house. I had to take my shoes off and wade through the water.”

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said they had been in touch with Transport Scotland to address the drainage issues in the town.

They also said the authority was aware of the flooding issue at Wingfaulds Avenue due to fallen leaves blocking the drains, adding “We will always attend to clear any flooding as quickly as possible whenever we are notified of a problem.”

A Scottish Water spokesperson said: “There was a choke, or blockage, in a sewer in Trinity Avenue on Tuesday, September 24, which affected one property. Scottish Water attended as quickly as possible and cleared the sewer the same day. Contractors cleaned the affected area on Thursday.

“The main issue on Tuesday was caused by surface water running down some streets due to drainage issues during work by contractors for another organisation, which Scottish Water is not responsible for.”