Mindless vandals have burned down a Stevenston outdoor learning area which nursery kids had spent months creating.

Children at Ardeer Primary Early Years were distraught to find that their Secret Forest had been burned to the ground by callous yobs last week.

In a letter distributed to the parents, head teacher of Ardeer Primary and Early Years, Anne Surgenor, said the children were “shocked and upset to learn that all their hard work had been destroyed by vandals”

All of the equipment in the outdoor learning area – including a den, rope-bridge, tyres, pallets and swings – had been set on fire and completely destroyed.

Mrs Surgenor said: “It is very disappointing and upsetting for all our young people. It was an area which allowed staff and pupils to take part in a varied outdoor learning programme. We were really proud of our garden.

“While it is extremely frustrating, we won’t let it detract us from giving pupils a range of options – both in the classroom and outside – and we will continue to work hard to ensure pupils have an interesting, fun and varied time at school or in the early years class.”

A spokesperson for Ardeer Community Centre added: “We were very saddened by the letter that was distributed to Ardeer Primary pupils. The school’s Secret Forest had been built by the kids and staff and was vandalised badly by some malicious person/persons.

“The head teacher has asked if anyone has any information please inform her of it as soon as possible.

“We as a community should not need to tolerate anything within our community being vandalised especially when local kids have worked so hard on making it a success.”