Councillors have rejected plans to bring back election signage including on lampposts and council property.

SNP Councillor Tony Gurney argued at the latest full council meeting that a pilot scheme should be implemented for the next election in a bid to raise electoral awareness.

He said that the Council has “a duty to promote the largest demonstration of democratic involvement” possible and highlighted that in the event of a snap election with as few as 25 days notice some residents may not be aware of the election date.

The Ardrossan and Arran Councillor also pointed towards a report that was discussed by Council in 2014 which stated that the policy of allowing posters on council property had proven fit for purpose.

However, Cllr Joe Cullinane moved a direct negative with 19 councillors supporting the leader’s amendment with only 10 voting for Cllr Gurney’s motion meaning the motion was rejected.

Cllr Cullinane highlighted that turnout has increased since election signage was dropped in the area.

He said: “It has not affected turnout and I think people are well aware when an election is going on and they don’t need posters on lampposts. We should reject the idea that we have any sort of pilot and stick with the current policy.”

Independent councillors were also heavily against such a move.

Councillor Robert Barr, said he was “very disappointed” in Cllr Gurney but “not surprised” and accused him of trying to “eradicate the independents” who do not have the same financial resources as political parties.

However, Cllr Scott Davidson responded saying “independent councillors are as able to get family and friends out to put up posters as the rest of us are”.