The Herald is sad to report that a well-known Ardrossan supercentenarian, who recently celebrated her 106th birthday, has died.

Isabella Avey, affectionately known as ‘Tibbie’, passed away on Wednesday, October 2 at South Beach House.

The great-great grandmother appeared in the Herald a few months ago when she celebrated turning 106.

The grandmother of 16, who loved music and dancing, was well-known locally, having worked as a conductress on Clyde Coast Buses for many years.

Tibbie’s daughter Yvonne said: “We’re all so sad to see her go. I’m devastated. It’s a long time to have your mother.

“She worked so hard. Even when she was in her 100s, she didn’t want to lie down. She was an amazing person, so many just loved her. There wasn’t a day went by when someone didn’t ask me in the street ‘how’s your mum?’ She was a kind, lovely person. Everybody says she was remarkable.”

In memoriam this week, the family described Tibbie as their “shining star”.

RIP Tibbie.