A Saltcoats dad completed a 100-mile trek across the Scottish wilderness in three days in memory of the teenage daughter he lost to suicide.

Kenny Moriarty hiked the West Highland Way to raise funds for the Jenna Moriarty Foundation, the charity founded in his daughter’s name.

Jenna was just 13 when she tragically took her own life in 2013. Through the charity set up in her memory, her family aim to help other young people in need.

Reflecting on the trek, Kenny said: “I’ve had no experience like it, no challenge I have set myself that was more difficult to overcome both physically and mentally. More than 30 miles a day for three days in a row through wind and rain across Scotland’s wildest terrain, I’m still recovering now a week later.

“I’ve completed an annual challenge each year since Jenna passed away to tell her story and raise funds to support children and young people in Saltcoats and North Ayrshire and this year’s response has been bigger than ever before. It’s so heartening the support we get. Donations have come in from all over the world and we’ve totalled £5,000 for this year alone, nearly £100,000 in six years. We’re so grateful for everyone’s generosity.”

Jenna’s brother, Grant, who helped set up the foundation in 2018, added: “We started this charity to tell Jenna’s story. She was artistic, she was funny, she loved her family and we loved her. Jenna struggled with anxiety and low mood. She confided in us that she was really struggling, and we lost her in 2013.

“Too many families have lived their own version of this story. Too many children and young people are stuck, not knowing who to turn to or not having the option of expensive private treatments, and the problem is growing. All the money we raise goes directly into the community here in Saltcoats and the west of Scotland.

“Frankly we need all the help we can get. This is not a problem that’s going to fix itself and it’s not a problem that we’re going to overcome alone, we would ask that anyone who believes in the work we do gets in touch for a chat about how we can make a change, and no you don’t need to walk 100 miles in a weekend. We’ve had bake sales, sky dives, sponsored walks – our supporters are incredibly creative.

“And of course, if there’s a parent or person out their reading this who doesn’t know where to look for support, they need to get in touch so we can work out the options for getting them a hand.”

Visit www.thejennamoriartyfoundation.org for support.