A MUM of two young kids has accused North Ayrshire Council of putting her in properties that are either infested with bugs or unsafe.

Jade Fixter blasted the authority’s handling of her housing situation after she fled to the area from Neilston following a troublesome relationship.

Jade, who is mum to Adrianna, five, and Alyssa, six-months, said that the council offered her a temporary accommodation in Kilwinning which was crawling with bugs.

The family were offered a permanent home in Saltcoats, but Jade claims the property is “a mess” and is dangerous due to sticky floorboards. She also said that the council gave her just two days to move to the new home, which resulted in her possessions getting damaged in transition because she did not have time to organise a decent removal van.

Jade said that because of the state of the property, she has been forced to move with the girls into her sick mum’s house.

The 30-year-old told the Herald: “The temp [accommodation] was infected with bugs. One time an earwig crawled over my wee one. There was a slug round the mouthpiece of Adrianna’s drink. I raised this numerous times; nothing done. I stuffed all openings with towels and whatever I could find to minimise the problem. I was really emotional, crying all the time, feeling like I wasn’t being a good mum. It’s terrible the way they treat people.

“The [current] house is a complete mess, as well as the garden, but I’m told I have no choice but to take it. It’s awful.

“My mum has leukaemia. She’s trying to help me – I’m supposed to be helping her.”

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “When people are in temporary accommodation, the offer of more permanent housing can happen fairly quickly. We also offer support, as we did in this case, in helping people move. All properties are inspected and we would never move anyone into a property that posed any sort of health and safety risk.

“While we will be carrying out minor works, including removing items from the garden and trimming some bushes, there is nothing stopping Jade from living comfortably in her property while waiting for this work to be completed.”