THE distraught mother of a 13-year-old girl who was lured for sex on Snapchat by a Prestwick pervert has hit out after he was “let off” by the courts.

David MacFarlane, 20, messaged the schoolgirl through the social media app and arranged to meet her at Fairlie Train Station on November 17 last year.

After luring her there MacFarlane – who was 19 at the time - then took her to nearby woods where he convinced her to perform a sex act on him before having sex with her.

MacFarlane, of Ardfin Road, was sentenced to one year’s supervision and one year on the Sex Offender’s Register at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last week.

Today the child’s devastated mum said MacFarlane – who claimed to have autism at a previous hearing, so didn’t know his crimes were wrong – knew exactly how old her daughter was before meeting her and said he would be “laughing” at “getting away with it”.

The woman, who lives in North Ayrshire, said: “I thought that his time on the Sex Offender’s Register would have been longer. I was expecting at least maybe five years.

“He knew her age. If he was a half decent person he would not have persisted, but this is a slap on the wrist, he will walk away laughing but I’m not amused at that or any of it, but there’s not a lot we can do now.

“I know they tried to say he was on the autism spectrum, but I just don’t believe that. [If that was the case] He came right out his comfort zone, he came all the way to Prestwick on the train by himself, but it’s not because he had it all meticulously planned out.”

The girl’s mum says her daughter was dumped by MacFarlane when, two days after the meet, he text her to say he didn’t want any further contact with her, leaving her humiliated. The mum says she thinks he is still a danger to young girls.

She said: “My girl is safe now but he is free so how do we know other kids are safe? He has got away with it so what would stop him doing it again? No one knows if he will do it again but I definitely think he is a danger to young girls.

“I told her my daughter it would be dealt with by the courts but now I have to tell her that he has been let off. She won’t be happy.

“I know what my daughter has gone through. It was very upsetting and she felt very stupid. He humiliated her. He made her feel naïve because she was sucked in by him.

“I’ve protected her as much as I can. I have her wrapped in cotton wool. I just want her to have as normal a childhood as possible after this. She has a huge group of friends who are a great support for her.”

MacFarlane’s lawyer Sandy Currie told the court that his client suffered from “a lack of consequential thinking”.

Mr Currie said MacFarlane’s family, who had come to court to support him, feared he “may be on the autistic spectrum” and that he did not “fully appreciate” the serious nature of his crimes.