A STEVENSTON councillor has welcomed continued progress on her attempt to have a bridge reintroduced at Stevenston Railway Station.

Councillor Davina McTiernan initiated the idea of a new bridge and has been working with council officials in trying to take forward the plan.

The SNP councillor confirmed there will be a meeting this week between interested organisations to look at a possible feasibility study into creating a new footbridge.

She said: “Obviously, creating a new structure over a railway is something that needs planning and co-operation between various bodies.

“It’s annoying enough to have to stand waiting, sometimes for around 10 minutes, but imagine the frustration if you are coming from Ardeer to catch a Glasgow-bound train, and the barrier comes down before you can cross at the level-crossing. You are then expected to stand watching the train you want to board as it arrives and leaves without you because there is no way of getting across to the platform on the other side of the tracks.”

“I am very grateful for the work done by council staff in progressing the initiative, and for the generally-supportive nature of Network Rail.”