A HEARTBROKEN daughter has made her family proud after losing her mum to cancer last year.

Inspiring Rachel Berry from Ardrossan was devastated to lose her ‘amazing’ mum and wanted to honour her by organising a 10k run for charity.

Annie-Marie McMail, 54, who worked as the pub manager in the Castle Hill Vaults went to the hospital with a chest infection when they found her tumour.

Tragically it had spread from her lung to her liver and there was little the doctors at Crosshouse Hospital could do leaving Rachel and her two sisters Natalie Berry, 31, and Christina Berry, 29, broken-hearted.

Now Rachel has raised £1500 and counting with her selfless idea to help others with the 10k run.

She said: “It was a surprise for us all really when she died.

“She was in Crosshouse Hospital but we got her home for her last week.

“My mum had a big personality so it was a big loss to everyone. I decided to organise this run in August and we raised £1500 for cancer Research UK and still have money to collect.

“They ran around North Ayrshire Athletic Club’s 10k around Saltcoats and Stevenston.

“It was her partner Alan and close friends Jacalyn and Matthew that did the run they said they enjoyed it and it was for a good cause.

“Alan’s work did a cycle around Millport and his boss is putting the money raised from that towards this as well. A lot of people who came into the pub and knew my mum donated money and we wanted to show them how much they had raised and everything. It is just a good way to show everyone how much they helped and where their money went to. She was always happy and outgoing more than happy to help others, so we just wanted to give back.”