A MAN has been jailed after breaking in to a Dalry house and barricaded himself inside.

William McIntryre broke into the property in Peden Avenue on October 3 this year and refused to leave after being caught prowling around inside by the owner.

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard McIntyre, 31, had been out drinking all day when he ran out of money and broke in to the property.

Fiscal Depute Vicky McMillan told the court: “At 7.15pm [the owner] locked and secured his property. He then returned about half an hour later at 7.45pm and noted that his front door was ajar and the door lock was broken and was laying in the hallway. He heard banging from within the property and he went and got a neighbour for assistance and they both observed the accused within the property and contacted the police.”

However McIntyre, who knew the homeowner and had been out drinking with him earlier in the day, refused to leave when challenged.

Ms McMillan said: “It appears the men knew each other. The complainer knows the accused’s father. Whilst waiting for police the complainer and his neighbour observed the accused moving furniture and barricading the front door. They also observed the door to be broken when they tried to enter the property. They shouted into the property to get the accused’s attention but he refused to open the door or remove the furniture.

“He was observed to be at the window with a screwdriver in his hand and continuously shouted to police to “f*** off””

Father-of-two, McIntyre, who took nothing from the house, eventually left the property through a back window and was arrested.

Defending Paul Gallagher said the scaffolder offered no excuse for his behaviour.

He said: “Over the course of a number of hours he had been drinking a lot and met the complainer and were drinking at the complainer’s property.He has a problem with alcohol and had consumed a vast amount of alcohol on this day. He left the property and went away drinking again and went back to Peden Avenue when he ran out of money. Police defused the situation but Mr McIntyre made it far worse for himself.”

Jailing McIntyre for eight months, Sheriff Seth Ireland said: “It’s clear that alcohol is a factor but this is something you will need to deal with. I simply just have to punish you for this and give you time to reflect on this.”