A MUM who was injured in a horror crash in Ardrossan has told of how lucky she is to be alive.

Suzanne Fernando was injured when she lost control of her bike at the Asda roundabout on Thursday, October 31.

The veteran from Ardrossan, who was rushed to Crosshouse Hospital, was lucky to come away from the accident with only bruising.

She said: “Was it black ice or oil I slid on that dreadful day? Who knows, but I lost complete control at the Asda roundabout. It was everything it took to avoid pedestrians so in that split second, I headed for the dune overlooking Cecchini’s car park. The rest was a blur.

“I remember two impacts but on the third, somehow, my helmet flew off just in time for me to land headfirst on the ground.

“I’ve no idea how long I lay battered, bruised and bleeding before I heard someone next to me. This gentleman managed to get my address and husband’s name. Next thing I knew I was surrounded by voices, including nurses from the clinic opposite, and Kes [Suzanne’s husband].”

Suzanne wanted to thank the man who helped her, the staff at Crosshouse, the emergency services who attended to her, and everyone who has offered their well wishes since her accident.

She said: “Each and every one of them played an enormous part in keeping me awake and alive.

“I’m battered, bruised and still in a lot of pain with a long road to recovery ahead of me, but I’m home – where the heart is and where I belong. Considering the serious collision, I am one very lucky woman and very happy to be alive.”

Suzanne praised her daughters, Jordan and Aaron, who she described as “courageous” for keeping “calm” and “supportive”.

She added: “They are my world and I love them both so much.

“Finally, [thanks] to my husband Kes and brother James who both remained vigilant by my side throughout the whole ordeal.”