A WOMAN lost almost five stones in nine months after cruel taunts about her weight spurred her into action.

Marlene Martin piled on the pounds after two failed operations on her foot left her struggling to walk and in constant pain.

As a result the once fit and active mum-of-two was left immobile and helpless as she gained weight.

Today the 41-year-old has told how jokes and jibes about her weight stripped her of her confidence until “one joke too many” pushed her to join her local slimming group.

Marlene said: “I began to gain weight following two failed operations on my foot that left me in severe pain, with lots of mobility problems and prevented me exercising the way I used to.

“I put up with and went along with jokes about my weight, pretending they didn’t bother me, until one joke too many gave my the courage to join Slimming World.

“It is such a shame that people don’t seem to realise how much words can hurt a person and the effects it can have.

“My confidence hit an all time low - but I put on a brave face in front of everyone to hide it. I was nervous and apprehensive about walking through the doors to my first Slimming World group, having no confidence left and was worried about being judged, thankfully this could not have been further from the truth. Everyone is so supportive in group and the advice is fantastic.”

Less than a year later Marlene has losy 4st 10.5lb in just 39weeks and is now training to be a qualified Slimming World consultant.

She says: “I achieved my personal achievement target and actually eat more now than I have ever done.

“Both my mental and physical health are so much better now and I have gained my confidence back.

“I am so passionate and believe in Slimming World so much that I am currently training to become a consultant myself.I want to help and support others on their weight loss journey with Slimming World.”

Marlene will relaunch the 9:30am Wednesday morning group in Ardrossan at St Andrew’s Episcopal Church, South Crescent Road on Wednesday, November 20.

Sarah Terrey, Marlene’s consultant, added: “Marlene is an inspiration to everyone in group. Her weight loss is fantastic but it is her commitment, determination and passion for Food Optimising that inspires members in group every week to achieve their goals too.”