PALS are desperate to help a sick mum who almost died after claiming medics gave her birth control which fed her womb cancer.

Angela Harte McCafferty, 39, said she was prescribed the contraceptive pill after going to accident and emergency in August with severe pain and bleeding.

Despite pleading with the doctors for help and telling them ‘countless times’ she had polycystic ovary syndrome and shouldn’t have been bleeding at all as she had stopped getting periods when she was 21, they sent her home with painkillers and the estrogen hormone.

Now her best pal from Kilwinning is trying to raise money to help Angela and her partner Karl McCafferty get through this tough time and help with expenses.

Angela told the Herald what docs failed to detect was her underlying womb cancer, which is driven by estrogen.

She said doctors claimed she would have died if she didn’t get a second opinion.

After forking £2,000 for the private diagnosis her tumour was discovered within just two weeks, after months of back and forth at her local hospital.

Angela said: “I had regular hospital and doctor appointments because of my gynaecology issues but nothing was detected.

“I then started to feel extreme fatigue last Christmas, I had a chronic cough I could not shift.

“I had fluid buildup in my head, I had to have lumbar puncture and I had high blood pressure.

“Then some blood came back abnormal.

“All this was very unusual for me and my doctor said ‘I can tell your body is fighting something, I just don’t know what.’

“So last resort my doctor started to investigate my ‘no bleeding’ situation more.

“She sent me for a scan. This showed a tumor.

“My local hospital did not investigate this at all, they did not examine me.

“I also went in through emergency one night at the beginning of August, with severe pain and a hemorrhage.

“I told them countless times this is abnormal for me I don’t usually bleed but they sent me home with painkillers and a contraceptive pill to stop the bleeding.

“They told me I was having a heavy period, even though I explained I don’t have periods.

“I went home in a lot of pain, my gut feeling was to get a second opinion as I couldn’t trust the Letterkenny General Hospital gynaecology department.

“Within two weeks I was diagnosed with womb cancer.”

Concerned friend Linda Cassidy from Kilwinning said:

“At this stressful time I’m sure Angela and Karl will be stressed and worried enough without the financial burden of it all.

“That’s why we her friends have decided to set up this page in the hope of helping to lighten the load.

“We are hoping to raise as much money as we can.

“Karl and Angela have already had to pay £2,000 just to get a diagnosis.

“No amount is too little and please remember Angela and Karl in your prayers.”

Angela added: “I’ve known Linda for year’s she’s been a lifelong family family friend and has supported me every step of the way with this.”

The Irvine Times has reached out to the Health and Safety Executive for a comment.