Labour councillors have criticised an SNP elected member for her claims she initiated plans to reintroduce a railway bridge in Stevenston.

The Herald reported that Cllr Davina McTiernan was working with officials to take forward the plan to bring back the bridge at Stevenston Station.

But Jimmy Miller and John Sweeney said they were “disappointed” in Cllr McTiernan’s claims and that they had been just as instrumental in promoting the plan.

Cllr Miller said: “Having been a member of the Scottish Older Peoples Assembly since 2006 I have worked tirelessly to ensure the voice of the older generation is heard.

"I have engaged with council officers and Network Rail for over two years on this issue and will continue to do so.”

Cllr Sweeney said: “As a lifelong Stevenston resident and a former commuter to Glasgow who used Stevenston station every weekday for 15 years I am fully aware of the problems at this level crossing.

"I have witnessed the frustration of Stevenston residents missing their intended train as the barrier is down for prolonged periods.

"Unfortunately, an entire area can become isolated due to the problems associated with this level crossing.”

Both Cllr Miller and Cllr Sweeney said “It would be great to be able to work cross party for the benefit of all the residents of Stevenston and Saltcoats. Unfortunately, Cllr McTiernan allegedly campaigned to save the swimming pool at Auchenharvie then voted at a council meeting to close this swimming pool.

"Stevenston residents can be assured that we will continue to work with council officers and Network Rail to try and resolve this issue.”