ARGOS has issued an urgent recall of one of its baby stairgates after a two-year-old girl got her leg stuck in one.

The catalogue giant recalled the Cuggl stairgate last week but just days later a child had to be rescued by the fire brigade after getting trapped between the bars.

According to the Daily Mail the Bristol toddler’s mum had been planning to return the item that day – but had to call emergency crews to rescue her child.

Argos -which has stores in Irvine and Ayr and collection points in Saltcoats - announced the recall on November 15 after a number of the Cuggl failed crucial safety tests.

Argos has recalled seven of the Cuggl models, listed below.

Cuggl Autoclose Metal Gate cat no. 7076879

Cuggl Metal and Wood Gate: Cat no 7025112

Cuggl Wooden Extending Gate: Cat no. 7065426

Cuggl 7cm Pressure Fit Extension Kit: Cat no 7063868

Cuggl Pressure Fit Safety Gate: Cat no. 7036613

Cuggl Extra Wide Hallway Gate: Cat no 7060225

Cuggl Extra Wide Adjustable Gate: Cat No 6879613

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