A TRAIL popular with tourists and locals alike will be closed for much needed repairs.

The Giants Graves path on Arran has become dangerous due to damage from weather and heavy usage.

Forestry and Land Scotland’s (FLS) team based on the island is advising members of the public that the route above Whiting Bay is to be closed from November 18 until Spring next year.

The path, which leads to the prehistoric chambered cairns and to remarkable views across Whiting Bay, has become a victim of its own success and has become so eroded that repairs now need to be carried out.

Andy Walker, for the local FLS team, said: “A combination of weathering and footfall has done quite a bit of damage to this popular path and there is now a risk that someone using it could trip or slip.

“We’re having to put in place lots of stone water bars, and add anchor bars and pitching at the corners but because of access issues all the stone will need to be helicoptered in from one of our local quarries.

“Unfortunately the path will be unusable – and impassable – so we’re having to close it until works are completed.

“We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause and we would recommend that anyone looking for a great walk in that area should try the path to Glenashdale Falls - as an alternative.”

The Giants Graves site, located in a clearing in the wooded hillside, features the remains of two Neolithic chambered tombs.

When they were excavated in 1902, archaeologists discovered pottery sherds, flint knives, leaf-shaped arrowheads and human remains.

Walkers can still visit the Giants Graves via the Falls trail and the forest road.