A KILBIRNIE pensioner has hit out at drug-fuelled youths for continuously wrecking her garden.

The 80-year-old, who wished to remain anonymous, blasted the young ‘bampots’ for continuing to blight her home and said youngsters ‘wouldn’t have dared’ in her day.

The resident alleges the youngsters have been congregating at an alleged drug dealers home in Kilbirnie, and feels at a loss at what to do about the issue.

She said: “They have cut down all my shrubs, they’ve jumped on my plants, put stuff on them, they’ve previously damaged my fence – £700 I paid for that fence, put a hole in the hut, you name it they’ve done it.

“It’s just terrible about here, the neighbours have not improved, these are bampots, bad people. They just do what they want. I’ve got three rolls of barbed wire about the fence and that doesn’t stop them.

“I don’t know what to do about it honest to god. I was asking a fellow about installing some lights in the garden but what I think I’m needing is a bit of muscle, that’s the stage I’m at, as it’s the only language they understand.

“Years ago this would never of been allowed, never. Society’s definitely different from when I was young anyway, you wouldn’t have dared damage somebody’s property, you would have got murdered for it.

“There’s not enough police around the place, but those two in on Saturday couldn’t have been any nicer and see it all the time they say.”

Police Scotland confirmed officers responded to the call out on Saturday.