A SALTCOATS woman suffered a freak accident which snapped her bones and left her in ‘the worst pain she has ever felt’.

Alison McKie took a small step off a kerb in Darvel when she shattered both her ankles.

The 35-year-old passed out from agony and woke up surrounded by strangers in the street.

One good samaritan ran inside a near by store where Alison’s brother had been shopping and called him for help.

Others crowded round Alison was in ‘excruciating’ pain from her horror injuries.

She was rushed to Crosshouse hospital where surgeons attached pins and plates to her broken bones in a desperate attempt to help her.

Now she is in a rehabilitation centre and is speaking out about the ordeal.

Brave Alison is also really missing home as she has spent over ten weeks in recovery and still has a long way to go.

She said: “I stepped down off a kerb onto the pavement and I broke both my ankles.

“I don’t know if there was a pothole or not I’m not sure.

“It happened in Darvel but my neighbours in Saltcoats have went back to check if it was unsafe for me.

“I want to thank them for all the help.

“When it happened, I just felt excruciating pain like never before and actually passed out it was so bad.

“When I woke up and got onto my side all these people came out of nowhere.

“My brother had been in a nearby shop and someone went and got him.

“There was six or eight people all around me.

“They had to do surgery the breaks were so bad.

“I’m in rehabilitation centre now after being in Crosshouse hospital for six weeks.

“Now I have been here for over ten weeks .

“I’ve full breaks. I’ve got pins and plates in my feet just to warn other people to watch for any potholes or anything dangerous.

“I’m missing home a lot.”

Now Alison wants to thank the strangers who came to her rescue and loved ones for their support.

She also wants to thank her friends and neighbours who have been looking after her and her home since the accident.

They went back to the scene or the ordeal to see if there was any gaping potholes of dangerous signs.

Alison wants others to be aware of where they step to avoid the pain she is suffering.