A TEENAGE girl with Cerebral palsy is determined to stay out her wheelchair by constantly exercising.

Abigail Bainbridge, 17, from Ardrossan goes to the gym twice a week to build up as much strength as possible so she doesn’t have to rely on her chair.

The inspiring teen can’t use her right hand and struggles to walk but doesn’t let that stop her driving, working out, and living as independently as possible.

But she isn’t sure how long she can keep it up as she burns through her independent living fund.

She got into fitness at a young age after her foot curved in and collapsed, making her desperate to stay in control of her body for as long as possible.

Now she is hoping she can secure another fund or donations so she can keep getting help at the gym.

Abigail said: “I train twice a week and try to stay active, if I don’t do it I will be in my wheelchair by the time I am 20.

“It’s a lot harder to go alone, as much as I do love going to the gym I can’t use some equipment myself.

“I do personal training sessions and they help me so different exercises.

“I have Cerebral palsy which means there is an issue with brain development.

“It means I can’t use my right hand so I can’t grip stuff.

“I drive now but I have to use my left foot for the accelerator and the brake.

“Really it is fine motor skills I struggle with and walking.”

She has been using donated cash to fund £30 personal training work outs, but as the money runs out she is worried she may be forced back into her wheelchair.

Right now the Auchenharvie Academy pupil can spend a full school day on her feet thanks to working with Better You Health and Fitness in Kilwinning.

Abigail said: “If I didn’t go to the gym I would definitely be in a wheelchair a lot more because without the strength I have built up I couldn’t support myself. I will never be as strong as an able person could build up but I want to keep working on it.

“I am able to walk around school more and can go a full day not using my wheelchair.

“When I leave school I want to do physical education because I have had love of sport since I was very young. I used to swim competitively until I had to give it up. Any money donated to me goes towards my personal training sessions and helps me stay out of my chair. It gives me more independence. My Cerebral palsy won’t get easier, it isn’t going to go away, but it is all about how you handle it.”