Jim Miller, Kilwinning’s matchstick model maker, has been busy as usual over the past few months and recently presented matchstick models to Loudoun Parish Church, Newmilns and also to Johnstone High Church.

In the photograph of Jim and his wife Janet at Loudoun Parish Church, the Stars and Stripes flag can be seen in the background. The story of this flag is very interesting and a plaque near the flag reads: “This flag was presented on May, 28 1949, to the community of Newmilns by the American Embassy in London in replacement of an original flag which had been lost and which had been sent to the Weavers of Newmilns by Abraham Lincoln in recognition of their expression of sympathy with him during the American Civil War.”

An interesting fact about Johnstone High Church is that the Minister there is Rev Ann McCool who was the Minister at The High Kirk Stevenston in 1999 when Jim presented a model there.

The High Kirk Stevenston was Jim’s 12th Church model and The High Church, Johnstone is Church number 92.