A DAD who ‘died’ twice within 24 hours was sent home from hospital only to suffer a fatal heart attack - because medics ‘demanded his bed back’.

Steven Mould, 51, had two massive heart attacks but was repeatedly pulled back from the brink of death, only to be forced to surrender his bed while still ‘seriously unwell’, his family say.

Doctors at Golden Jubilee National Hospital performed surgery on Steven’s heart after his second near-death experience - then sent him back to the Royal Infirmary, who astonishingly discharged him the same day.

The grandad was then struck by a third heart attack at home that night as his partner desperately tried to perform CPR herself to save him.

His family say they were horrified as they had pleaded with hospital bosses to give Steven a bypass after he died for the second time - but medics assured them he could wait.

Just 12 hours later, Steven was dead.

Now his brother Scott Mould, 52, from Ardrossan is desperate to get justice for his brother and raise awareness so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

He said: “If my brother had been kept in as we were initially advised by The Golden Jubilee National Hospital and not discharged - but still arrested and died while in their care - I’d accept he had been given the best chance of survival.

“That didn’t happen. They sent him home to his death, despite listening to myself and his partner stating we were very concerned if this happened again he wouldn’t survive.

“He only survived his last arrest as he was in Glasgow Royal when it happened and it took them 39 mins to revive him while transporting him to the Golden Jubilee National Hospital.

“How would we be able to deal with that at home?

“They sent him home anyway and there lies the problem. Not listening or reacting to patient or family and this, in my opinion caused my brothers death.

“It’s simply wrong.

“It was horrible to see him go through that you don’t expect to lose a brother at 50.

“It could have been dealt with if they had done a bypass he would have still been alive.

“They actually said ‘we need beds’, I thought that was shocking he had actually died in the last 24 hours.

“It is a real combination of things they have a lack of funding so it is a conveyor belt right get one in and one out.

“We were horrified about him being discharged he was seriously unwell but they did it anyway.”

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said: “We understand this is a very difficult time for this family and our sympathies remain with them.

“We have not received any complaints about Mr Mould’s treatment in Glasgow Royal Infirmary but would be happy to meet with his family to discuss any concerns they have.

“The decision on what surgery was clinically appropriate and the timing of it would have been made by clinicians at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital.”