North Ayrshire Council employees feel positive about the work they do but have raised concerns about workload levels, according to a new staff survey.

The latest employee survey was designed to gauge current attitudes on engagement, stress, healthy working lives and health and safety.

The results of the questionnaire show strengths across a range of measures including: Clarity and purpose of job role with staff enjoying their job and recognising the importance of teams working together, staff value the support available and received from colleagues and managers, staff know about health and safety issues and employees are able to achieve a good work life balance.

However, the survey also identified some areas for improvement such as workload levels, support with incidents in the workplace and more awareness of healthy working lives initiatives. These will be progressed as improvement actions across the council over the coming months.

The survey attracted 3,182 responses, which is 46 per cent of employees.

Council leader Joe Cullinane said: “Valuing and investing in our workforce is key if we are to continue delivering high quality services for our communities.

“We can only improve our council by taking stock of the views of our people. That’s why the employee survey is key, it gives us plenty of feedback on how staff feel about a range of topics including their role, leadership and policies right through to their physical and mental wellbeing. This ultimately allows our staff to shape the overall working environment.

“It is therefore encouraging to hear that employees not only enjoy their jobs, but that they believe that they are making a positive difference to our local communities which is what it all boils down to.”