Plans to bring Kilwinning’s RBS Building back to use have been lodged.

The owner hopes to change the use of the former RBS building on Kilwinning’s Main Street and divide the ground floor into two units with a partition wall and a new front entrance.

The two units will then be marketed for lease with hopes of a shops, hot food and drink venue or potentially financial/professional services.

The planning statement from applicant Ravinder Singh said: “It is proposed to divide the ground floor into two units by building a partition wall and creating one new entrance at the front of the building.

“The entrance will be timber doors to match the existing entrance.

“The two ground floor units will be marketed for lease and it is expected the uses may include financial/office use or retail use which may include hot food.

“Consent is sought for class 1 and 3 use and continuation of the class 2 use. If a new tenant requires hot food consent then a further application will be made.

“The upper level will remain unchanged and entrance will be from the side where there is a current fire escape door. The upper level will be for office/storage use which is the same as the existing/previous use.”