The Tea House which has stood on the grounds of the Seamill Hydro Hotel for decades has been demolished.

The Tea Room has gone through many transformations over the years, from Summer House to bicycle shed, but the Hydro’s hoteliers decided to call it a day this week as a bulldozer came in to take away what remained of the Tea Room.

The Hydro has cited poor repair as the reason for the recent demolition.

People took to Facebook to express their dismay and upset over the decision, with many expressing feelings of nostalgia towards the quaint Tea Room which was often used as a backdrop for the hotel’s wedding photos.

“Hotel staff come and go so it doesn’t have a lot of sentimental value for them”, said the Hydro’s receptionist Lorraine.

“Before the hotel was refurbished, the Pladda Bar overlooked it [the Tea House] but now the Orangery Restaurant doesn’t.

“It may affect gym members though as the gym overlooks it.”

There are currently no plans for the space.