She may have left the show last week but 24-year-old Jamie McCann from Stevenston is still on a high from her time on Love Island.

Jamie said: “The last week has been a whirlwind! Being on Love Island was a magical experience. Nothing will ever compare to it.

“It’s changed my life forever.”

Jamie failed to couple up with any of the Love Island boys and so missed out on the chance to enter the main Villa. But the Love Island girl said she is fine with how things have worked out.

Jamie said: “I just didn’t fancy anyone! I saw everyone as a pal and if the feelings aren’t there, you just can’t fake it. I wasn’t there to make a fool of myself or to play a game.

“I fancied Wallace but obviously he left. All the boys were so nice and welcoming, though.

“Finn really impressed me. He’s such a nice, genuine guy. He said I was in his top three girls and was gutted when I left. He was trying to get Luke T to couple up with me and bring me back to the Villa as a friend.

He wanted me to meet Paige, he said we would get along really well.

I want Paige and Finn to win now.”

Jamie says it was nerve-wracking entering the show mid-way through the series especially as a ‘bombshell’ – contestants who enter the show specifically to shake things up on the Island – but that she wouldn’t change a thing.

Jamie said: “You don’t get told when you’re going in, you just get told you’re a bombshell.

“I would have preferred not to be in Casa Amor to be honest but I’m just so thankful for the opportunity regardless.

“The atmosphere in Casa Amor was very different from the main Villa – the girls over there weren’t budging!

“I’ve not had a chance to watch it back – I watched my entrance but I want to remember the experience for what it was. You only get to see one of 24 hours so I don’t want my memories to be distorted in any way.”

Since exiting the show, Jamie has been inundated with exciting opportunities. The Stevenston girl is looking forward to what’s to come but is taking it “one step at a time”.

Jamie said: “I’m currently down in London to appear on Aftersun and ITV are sorting me out with an agent. I’ve also been getting loads of messages about collaborations, so it really is full steam ahead.”

So what about the eyelash technician’s life back in North Ayrshire?

“I love doing eyelashes and I love where I stay so I’ll be going back and forward between Scotland and London”, the reality star said.

“It just shows that it doesn’t matter where you come from. You can do whatever you want in life.

“The world’s my oyster.”