A WELL-KNOWN Arran business is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary on the island with a host of events.

The Arran Brewery will mark 20 years of brewing on the isle.

The organisation will hold monthly events, with the first, free event running until March 31.

Gerald Michaluk, managing director of Arran Brewery, said: “The Brewery at Cladach was opened in 2000 and this year we will be celebrating its foundation.

“The first event is inviting readers to come along with a friend and have a free tour and tasting until Tuesday, March 31.

“The brewery may have been founded 20 years ago but it has been Brewing on Arran for 3,500 years.”

To take advantage of this deal all you have to do is take a cutting of this article to the brewery.

Call on 01770 302353.