Plans for 76 new homes in a former industrial estate near Pennyburn have been submitted.

An application to construct a new residential development and associated landscaping and infrastructure at West Byrehill Industrial Estate were received this month.

The private and social housing homes will include a mix of single and two storey houses ranging from two to four bedrooms.

Dawn Homes and McTaggart Construction decided to jointly pursue developing the site for both housing for sale and housing for social rent.

Cunninghame Housing Association were approached to provide the social landlord services for the development and identify the housing needs requirements for the area. It was envisaged as a tenure blind development site with an approximate 50/50 split of units.

The site was previously granted planning permission in principle on back in November 11 2015.

Planning documents state: “The application comprises 76 houses with associated roads, parking, SUDS and amenity open space. The approach to development will be sympathetic to the local area in terms of density, scale and massing; being consistent with local planning policy to create a unique development that contributes to the local environmental quality of the area.

“The house types proposed are a mix of single and two storey houses ranging from two to four bedrooms. The housing for sale comprises two and three bedroom houses while the affordable rented units range from two wheelchair units and four elderly/ambulant disabled units in bungalow form to two larger eight person houses.”