Staff at a Three Towns hardware store have helped install a defibrillator outside their shop.

Following a fundraising campaign that saw colleagues and customers raise nearly £1,300 for charity Hand on Heart, the life-saving device was installed on Wednesday, February 26.

Hand on Heart is a national charity focused on raising awareness of cardiac arrest in young people and increasing their access to defibrillators.

Brian Dougan, unit manager at B&Q Stevenston, said: “We’re really proud to have worked with the charity Hand on Heart and we’re delighted with the support shown by our customers.

“Cardiac arrest is one of the UK’s biggest causes of death with over 140,000 deaths each year, but chances of survival rise from just five per cent to over 80 per cent when a defibrillator is used. Having the defibrillator in our store could be life-saving.”

The defibrillator can be found outside B&Q Stevenston for use by members of the community in and around Hawkhill Retail Park, and is designed so anyone can use it.