NORTH Ayrshire Foodbank is preparing to develop their services to cope with the effects of coronavirus.

The Foodbank need volunteers to help with the preparation and delivering of meals in the wake of the global pandemic.

Ordinarily those seeking help from the foodbank would have to go in person to their site in Ardrossan, but with the latest advice being for people to minimise their physical contact with the outside world, the charity are planning on adjusting their service to support individuals in the event that they can’t make it out of their house.

They said: “we are seeking cooks and delivery drivers to assist with the distribution of meals to vulnerable households during the current pandemic crisis should the UK close down schools for a prolonged period of time as a response to the current pandemic. Whilst the UK have as of yet not implemented the second stage of their Pandemic action plan the Foodbank would like to strengthen its team to be able to respond to need if it should be implemented.”

The foodbank, which is managed by the good people at the Ardrossan Church of the Nazarene have informed the local authorities of their capacity to assist in the event of a widespread lockdown and are capable of producing hundreds of meals a day.

The charity has operated a similar initiative, albeit on a much smaller scale, as part of their “Make a Meal of it” scheme, which involves providing meals to schoolchildren in summer holidays, who would usually get free school meals.

On the possibility of having to extend the service beyond school holidays, North Ayrshire Foodbank said: “If schools close there is the potential for a large number of households to be under pressure feeding children whilst income is greatly reduced through being quarantined. The meals would be delivered to those households.”

They encourage anybody to apply to support them with their endeavour.

“If you are able to offer your time to be part of the cooking and delivery team we would appreciate you contacting the foodbank. It is still our hope and prayer that this will not be needed in North Ayrshire, however, if it is we would like to be prepared to support our neighbours in their time of need.”

You can visit them in person at 150A Glasgow Street, Ardrossan or call them on 01294 601312.