Vandals have spray painted and defaced property at the home of Kilbirnie Ladeside FC.

The damage is mostly confined to their entrance gate and one outer wall at their ground, Valefield Park on Kirkland Road, Kilbirnie.

The graffiti is expected to be the handiwork of some fans associated with their local rivals Beith Juniors FC.

Beith Juniors were quick to distance themselves from the vandals, saying: “To the idiots responsible for the graffiti in the pictures, well done, give yourself a pat on the back (or head with something heavy!) You’ve just cost our club yet more money, at the worst possible time.”

In an outstanding act of generosity Beith Juniors have offered to pay for the damage, hoping to teach the fans responsible something about respect

They said: “We may be rivals, but there is respect between the clubs, something you would do well to learn about.”

Despite their on-field rivalry, the two clubs enjoy a refreshingly amicable relationship.

Gordon Ronney, secretary of Kilbirnie Ladeside FC said: “We have an exceptional relationship with Beith Juniors, so much so one of their main sponsors has kindly made a donation for the repair work.

“In recognition of this we are donating this money to charity.

“We have the upmost respect for our closest neighbours. Given the non football issue that concerns us all, this act of vandalism won’t effect our relationship in anyway.”

At the time of writing Kilbirnie Ladeside FC and Beith Juniors FC have postponed all games as a result of advice from Scottish Juniors FA.

The pair are currently separated by just one point in the West Region Premiership with Beith in 7th and Kilbirnie Ladeside in 8th, although Beith have three games in hand.