A THREE Towns community council is expected to make a comeback.

Saltcoats Community Council, which saw several members leave causing it to drop below the required number of people, had hope restored before being postponed by the pandemic.

John Macdonald, North Ayrshire locality worker, said: “The community council did not disband, but several members resigned which included three office bearers.”

This led to the number of members dropping below the required minimum of seven to be active.

The Mobile Youth Centre was out on Dockhead Street on Monday, March 16, handing out flyers and encouraging locals to get involved by signing up.

The next meeting of the community council was scheduled for Monday evening at Saltcoats Town Hall, but had to be cancelled due to concerns over the coronavirus.

The meeting has been postponed until the pandemic has subsided.

Mr Macdonald said: “Sometimes these things stimulate a positive response.”

Previous members gave up their roles on the council for a variety of reasons.

One member was moving to live outside of the area, and you must live within the community to be a community councillor.

Mr Macdonald said: “The previous group put a lot in, they’d done some wonderful work.

“The people that left have been fantastic

“All credit to them for the amount of effort they put in. They should be applauded.

“The community council will be back because people want this representation to have this place in a public forum to give them a voice.

“The North Ayrshire councillors fully support it, regularly attend, and are open for discussion.”

For future updates, check the Saltcoats Community Council Facebook page.