CalMac will stop taking advance bookings on all services before July 15 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Customers will not be able to book a trip within the next four months as the ferry operator says it is following government advice.

Bookings already made will be honoured and priority will continue to be given to emergency services and those with medical emergencies.

CalMac's managing director, Robbie Drummond, said: "Whilst we are currently able to continue operating our normal timetabled service we have to plan for the impact of the virus on our staff on vessels, ports and support services.

"It has been prudent, therefore, to put in place an immediate stop on customers being able to book services in advance.

“We will effectively be operating a turn up and go service on all of our routes."

There will also be not hot food available, with only tea, coffee and pre-packed food only.

Bottled and packaged drinks will still be available.

Mr Drummond said: "As the situation is changing on a daily basis, we will keep this situation under constant review."