A Kilwinning councillor has revealed he may have caught the coronavirus.

SNP councillor Scott Davidson, who also serves as a firefighter in North Ayrshire, fears he may have caught the virus after recently showing symptoms.

He said he was keeping it to himself, family and closest friends and work collegues but went public with his health after a couple of people wished him well on social media.

Cllr Scott Davidson said: "Took quite ill with multiple CV19 symptoms on Thursday night, long story short, quite a bad few days since to say the least, feeling a wee bit better today, not worried about myself, but how others close to me could catch it.

"No guarantee it is CV19, as can't test for it, but those who know me, probably know I'm fairly measured and assertive to, well pretty much everything. This was very different.

"Self isolating and absolutely bored out my skull and hate the telly!

"Not wanting any fuss, but would urge folk to pay attention to the experts and if you've got the symptoms, follow their advice and Scottish/UK Government advice only, isolate as instructed, don't underestimate what lies ahead and do everything you need to protect yourself & your family members.
Underestimate what's happening now at your peril is my gut feeling.

"I can't stress enough how careful I've been, following and also advocating guidance, so a bit scunnered to say the least, but at the end of the day I work in a high risk job and we have to do what we have to do.

"One thing, hats off to everything NHS related just now, including the men and women you never see that are behind the scenes like advisors, scientists, technicians, cleaners."